Summer Courses

"Helping young people discover their full potential"


Outward Bound is for everyone. Young people from all social backgrounds attend courses. The able and disabled make the voyage of discovery which is exciting, challenging and rewarding - but not a holiday.
Outward Bound Instructors are a key element in the the success of Outward Bound courses. They are men and women who have had their own lifes shaped by adventure and now wish to share their enthusiasm and skill with others. Courses follow a effective yet simple formula. Instructors give new skills, and the chance to practice and refine them, before inviting young people to take more responsibility for themselves. Finally those skills are tested in the mountains or at sea as they take control of their own expedition, and of their own lifes.


The classic summer course
The facts

Age group: 14-18
Duration: 3 weeks, Saturday 5.30pm to Saturday 9am
Location: Ullswater
Availability: For dares and prices see website


The Outward Bound Classic is the course on which our international reputation is founded and culminates in beeing awarded the prestigious Outward Bound badge. It's an unforgettable three weeks with as many adventurous activities as you can handle - and much more besides. It's discovering a love of the outdoors, getting a thrill from exploring hidden places, arriving at unique locations and feeling in touch with nature.
It's developing a willingness to work with others, learning to solve problems and developing communication skills, increasing the ability to assess difficult situations and make important decisions that effect everyone around you.

Finding you can do that bit further, even when you think you can't and enjoying that amazing sense of "I dit it" is only the start. What follows is unforgettable fun with new friends and superb companionship, as well as your English if it's not your first language and a great sense of accomplishment. Suddenly, life looks good.